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Things 3.4.1

Things 3.6.2 MAS Multilingual | macOS | 19 mb


Meet the all-new Things! A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager – with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and a timeless new design.


Homepage: https://culturedcode.com/things/

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Alien Skin Exposure X4

Alien Skin Exposure X4 | macOS | 356 mb

The legendary effects plug-in is now an award-winning photo editor and organizer. Introducing Exposure X4, the advanced non-destructive RAW editor that enables you to easily create beautiful images and master your entire workflow. Fast performance, powerful organizing tools, and unmatched creative editing make Exposure the only app you need to quickly transform your photos into works of art. 


Homepage: https://www.alienskin.com/

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Nebulosity 4.2 Multilingual macOS


Nebulosity 4.2 Multilingual macOS | 159 Mb

Nebulosity is designed to be a powerful, but simple to use capture and processing application. A huge array of cameras are supported for capture and images from just about anything can be processed (support for many FITS formats, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, DSLR RAW files, etc). Its goal is to suit people ranging from the novice imager who wants to create his or her first images to the advanced imager who wants a convenient, flexible capture application for use in the field. In it, you get a host of purpose-built, powerful tools to make the most out of your images and imaging sessions.

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BitMedic Pro Antivirus 2.7 MAS

BitMedic Pro Antivirus 2.7 MAS | macOS | 181 mb


MacOS is considered one of the most secure operating systems available. But as popularity increases, they get targeted more by hackers and malware. Protect your Mac and protect your sensitive information. New threats target not only your Mac security, but your personal information and identity.


Mac App Store: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/id1001746820

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Screens 4.4.2

Screens 4.6.1 | macOS | 20 mb


Screens 4 - Toegang tot computers op afstand, VNC Access your computers from wherever you are! Screens lets you connect back to your Mac, Windows, Linux PC or Raspberry Pi and control it from the comfort of your living room, the corner coffee shop or anywhere in the world. Work on that spreadsheet you left at home, perform software updates on your server ten thousand miles away, help your dad configure his computer in your hometown. 


Homepage: https://edovia.com

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App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 4.8 MAS + In-App


App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 5.4 MAS + InApp | macOS | 20 mb


Preview Installed Applications and Remove Service Files to Complete Uninstall.

App Cleaner - The best app to remove applications service files on Mac OS X and uninstalling applications*.


Top In-App Purchases : PRO Version  - included

Mac App Store: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/id1013897218

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iMazing 2.5.4 (8400)

iMazing 2.7.0 (9510) Multilingual | macOS | 110 mb


iMazing is a comprehensive macOS software solution that provides a clean and organized interface for browsing the contents of any device running iOS. Moreover, the iMazing app is able to detect any iOS device as soon you connect it to your Mac and will automatically load its contents for easy and simple browsing.

Homepage: https://imazing.com/

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Keep It 1.2.4


Keep It 1.5.0 | macOS | 11 mb

Write notes, keep things, and find them again. Keep It is for writing notes, keeping web links and documents, and finding them again. Available on Mac, and as a separate app for iPhone and iPad, Keep It is the destination for all those things you want to put somewhere, confident you will find them again later.


Homepage: http://reinventedsoftware.com/keepit/

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iTubeDownloader 6.3.5


iTubeDownloader | macOS | 28 mb


A minimalist macOS application that enables you to browse the YouTube website, playback videos, or simply download them to your computer. YouTube has become a very popular video sharing platform but it still does not include a download option for when you want to have offline access to specific media files. iTubeDownloader is a small Mac app designed to remedy the situation. 


Homepage: http://www.alphasoftware.co

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FXpansion Cypher 2 v2.4.9.0 macOS
FXpansion Cypher 2 v2.4.9.0 macOS | 9 Mb
Cypher2 is designed for deep sonic exploration and expressive performances. It features a vast range of sound design tools and over 1300 sounds, including 500 MPE-optimised presets. Experience an unparalleled level of expression through analogue-modelled oscillators, waveshaping and thru-zero FM. Our signature TransMod modulation system, now upgraded for Cypher2, ensures that every session with this premium synthesizer is a sound design adventure.

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