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SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 9E


SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 9E | macOS | 375 mb


SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 9 adds new functions that were highly desired in addition to the rich features of SILKYPIX so far. Main new functions are "Dehaze function", "individual adjustment of Highlight / Shadow", "lens profile function" and so on. Extending and improving existing functions further improved operability and convenience. This product is RAW development software for professional.

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Screenium 3.2.0 MAS


Screenium 3.2.3 MAS | Multilingual | macOS | 36 mb


Record exactly what you see on the screen and turn it into a screencast in next to no time. Screenium 3 lets you record at 60 frames per second, offering optimum performance for your tutorials, gameplay recordings or any other screen content you wish to record. If you work with an ultra-high resolution 4K or 5K display or a Retina Mac, Screenium 3 puts you on the safe side as it creates the smoothest video quality possible for these types of devices.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 v13.0.1
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 v13.0.2 Multilingual | macOS | 1.8 Gb

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 is a professional program for non-linear video editing. The application provides high-quality editing of video resolution 4K and higher, with 32-bit color, both in RGB and YUV color space. Editing audio samples, support for VST audio plug-ins (plug-in) and audio tracks 5.1 surround. The Premiere Pro plug-in architecture allows you to import and export QuickTime or DirectShow container materials, and also supports a huge number of video and audio formats from MacOS
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Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 v13.0.1
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 v13.0.2 Multilingual | macOS | 1.4 Gb

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 software automates the process of creating multiple encoded versions of source files, Adobe Premiere Pro sequences, and Adobe After Effects compositions. An intuitive interface, background encoding, and convenient presets help you quickly output to virtually any screen. Adobe Media Encoder is included in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe Prelude software.
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DxO PhotoLab ELITE Edition

DxO PhotoLab 2 ELITE Edition Multilingual | macOS | 289 mb


DxO PhotoLab (was DxO Optics Pro) provides a complete set of smart assisted corrections that you can manually fine-tune at any time. Take control on every aspect of your photos: effectively remove noise, get rid of light constraints, recover color details, apply sophisticated optical corrections, and enhance details.

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Permute 3.0

Permute 3.0 Multilingual | macOS | 51 mb


Video, audio and image files come in many different kinds and shapes, but sometimes you need a specific format since your iPad or DVD player won't play that video. That is what Permute is for - easily convert your media files to various different formats.

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Certificate DesiGN - Templates 2.0 MAS
Certificate DesiGN - Templates 2.0.1 MAS Multilingual | macOS | 15 mb

Certificates DesiGN Templates is an excellent collection of over 160 templates for unique diplomas, testimonials, and certifications. Whether you want to issue training accreditations, award your best employees, or congratulate your boss on being the best boss ever, Graphic Node’s certificates will help you do that with skill and style.
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Mix Emergency v3.2 macOS
Mix Emergency v3.2 macOS


Using MixEmergency with Scratch Live, Serato DJ, or Serato DJ Pro you can mix and record your Video DJ sets from your mixer and turntables, or DJ controller.

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MovieMator Video Editor Pro 2.5.0 MAS
MovieMator Video Editor Pro 2.5.1 | macOS | 85 mb

With a streamlined design and professional editing features, MovieMator Video Editor Pro easily edits any type of video and audio clips in its native format to create fantastic family movies and high quality photo slideshows at the speed of thought.

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