CM - Flower Watercolor Clipart - Dusk 1168158

Flower Watercolor Clipart - Dusk. This dusky peach, pink and lilac clip art set was inspired by wedding colour trends. Containing beautiful roses and dramatic white peonies, this will add a delicate and pretty statement to any project. You can use the separate elements to create your own arrangements, or use the 41 co-ordinating design pieces for a quick and easy design.
  • 34 separate Flower/leaf images in PNG format with transparent background
  • 10 flower arrangements in PNG format with transparent background
  • 10 frame images in PNG format with transparent background
  • 10 wreath images in PNG format with transparent background
  • 10 design papers in jpeg. format. -1 large floral drop in PNG format with transparent background
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CM - Impressionist Masters Color Blends 1118202
CM - Impressionist Masters Color Blends 1118202
CM - Impressionist Masters Color Blends 1118202
CM - Impressionist Masters Color Blends 1118202
This particular collection includes the 175 PreFAB colors, carefully sampled and meticulously created from ACTUAL paintings by Impressionist Masters! I spent weeks researching famous impressionist painters and works. THEN, I painstakingly created color blends by pulling individual colors from small areas of their famous works to create color blends! You are LITERALLY painting with the same colors as Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Edgar Degas!!
The MASTERS Pre-FAB Color Blend Collection contains:
175 Pre-FAB Color Blends
I’ve spent MONTHS creating and fine-tuning these pre-blended color mixes, so that you can just pick a palette and start playing and painting in gorgeous blended colors. No MIXING required!
Video Tutorial
There’s really no learning curve to use these brushes. You simply load them up, along with the patterns and start PLAYING. However, there is an exclusive tutorial for those who might not be familiar with loading brushes and patterns.
Reference Charts:
Handy labeled and organized JPEG charts with all of the color blends
Combine Color Blends and Brushes from the different collections for Unlimited Possibilities!
I have created additional ‘Add-On’ collections, with different color mixes and pattern brushes! They ALL WORK TOGETHER beautifully!
CS6+. I also highly recommend using these brushes with a graphics tablet such as a Wacom for maximum versatility. If you use a mouse, they will work just fine, but you won’t be able to get the thick to thin strokes on some of the brushes.
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CM - The Ultimate 1980s Pattern Bundle 1042345


When you need to create designs that scream of the 80s there’s only one product you need – The Ultimate 1980s Pattern Bundle! Whether you're designing logos, posters or merchandise, this collection of 68 authentic patterns will adapt to your needs. They include 36 fully illustrated designs for an instant, finished look, plus a further 32 minimal (or Memphis style) patterns to incorporate in, or simply add flourish to your own projects.
Everything comes supplied as both super simple JPG files (compatible with all editing software) and fully editable vectors. Meaning you can change the size, colour and layouts in a totally non-destructive way. You can even take apart the pre-set patterns and use the elements within to create your own original patterns from scratch!
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CM - Holly Jolly Collection • Patterns 1088570

179 PNG 20 Ai 4 EPS | 155 MB RAR
These elements are ideal for your christmas postcard or poster. Or if you want to decorate a gift for your friend or make a holiday card. Add this beautiful Christmas trees and other christmas elements to create a invitation or t-shirt!
What's in the package:
  • CHRISTMAS ELEMENTS [ It's 81 elements: bears, christmas trees, rabbit, gifts and other elements ];
  • CATCHWORDS [ 17 christmas phrases ];
  • GLITTER TEXTURES [ Black and Gold Textures];
  • PATTERNS [ 25 very Christmas Patterns];
  • POSTCARDS [ 3 Ready to use postcards].
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CM - Seamless Swirl Patterns 737395
CM - Seamless Swirl Patterns 737395

8 unique patterns. Large and small sizes. 3 of the edited patterns used in the examples have been included as a Bonus. Includes 11 .Jpgs & a .pat file. The photoshop pattern includes 19 clickable patterns. How to make text like in the examples. In photoshop click FX on you text layer. Select Pattern Overlay. Click the box next to the word pattern to change the pattern. Select the small circle icon and click Load Patterns... and select the Swirl Pattern By Lydia Distracted.pat. Once loaded the other settings can be edited to create new and beautiful designs.

JPG, PAT | 300 DPI | CS6 | 148 MB

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CM - 76 Rainbow Foils 933133
CM - 76 Rainbow Foils 933133
CM - 76 Rainbow Foils 933133
Apply these stunning foil textures to typography, vector elements, patterns and more with one-click! Check out the video in the preview images! Create colorful posters, wall art, social media posts and more! Your designs won’t just stand out, they’ll jump out! To see all of the foils, click on the preview images and scroll down, there’s 3 foil preview pages. This kit includes a few subtle foils for when you want a softer effect, but most are very colorful to amp up the visual effects. In the first preview images of the foils, you’ll see a few at the top that don’t fall squarely in any category, I call them Color Explosion. All of the foils are grouped in categories, so you can quickly find what you need. The high resolution jpgs of each foils were created at 2000px x 2000px @300dpi RGB, so the colors are brilliant! You can also convert the high res jpgs to CMYK for print use. I would love to see your creations, so feel free to share a link in the comments section or email me.
RGB VERSUS CMYK The styles and patterns in this kit are RGB, which give the most vibrant colors on-screen. The standard color mode when printing is CMYK. You can’t get the same vibrance of color you see on-screen when you are printing, though you can get very pretty colors by using a quality printer and paper. I’ve personally printed at Nations Photo Lab using their metallic paper and pearl paper, the colors and prints came out lovely. If you’re printing at home, you do not have to change your document to CMYK. If you’re sending your files to a professional printer, you have to change your document to CMYK. If you create your document as CMYK you don’t have to make any changes. It just takes a moment to convert to CMYK, the steps are included in the instructions.
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PSD | 857 MB RAR
Beautiful seamless pattern with watercolor flowers - gloriosa and tulip in old paper background with imitation of handwritten text.
This collection perfect for digital scrapbooking, wedding invitations, card making, stationery, blog design, packaging and textile design, greeting cards and other project.
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