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ThemeForest - Aeron v3.2.0 - Event, Meeting, Convention & more - WordPress Theme - 5919859


ThemeForest - Aeron v3.2.0 - Event, Meeting, Convention & more - WordPress Theme - 5919859


Aeron is the best WordPress theme for all sorts of events, ranging from huge, multi-day conventions to small themed meet-up. Quickly setup your landing page, give all the information about your events, speakers, pricing, key details, venues, sponsors, location and more.

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CodeCanyon - Yellow Pencil v5.4.7 - Visual CSS Style Editor - 11322180


CodeCanyon - Yellow Pencil v5.4.7 - Visual CSS Style Editor - 11322180


Yellow Pencil is a visual Style Editor WordPress plugin that you can use with any theme and plugin to make customizing your website much easier. Customize your WordPress site in minutes. Fonts, Colors, Animations and more. Keep the site design under your control with 100% front-end Style Editor.

Rummy Font



Rummy is powerful, precise, and packed with personality. Simple and initially unassuming, Rummy may seem a reluctant hero. But, when called upon, Rummy will lend you all of its considerable strength and versatility in order to win the day. Influenced by sports branding and 1940s film, Rummy is an underdog that won't let you down.

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Equalis Stencil Font Family



Equalis Stencil is a slab-serif typeface. This OpenType font comes in three weights, alternates and symbols, with support for CE languages. Equalis Stencil can be used as display type, headlines, packaging, signs routing and a wide range of projects.

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Dolce Font Family



Dolce is the next step in Elena Albertoni’s ongoing exploration of handwritten letterforms that started with her typefaces Dyna and Scritta. It is an attempt to arrive at a more naturally flowing type of handwriting, striking a balance between the orderly and the informal, while taking a critical look at the possibilities and limits of OpenType. Dolce uses OpenType functionality to achieve a strong sense of spontaneity. For more information please take a look at the Flash demo. Dolce comes in two versions, the full font and a simplified version called “Basic”. Because the uppercase letters of Dolce are lively calligraphic initials, they should be used only in combination with lowercase, and not in all-caps setting; to make it easier for the user, Dolce includes a special OpenType feature that automatically substitutes initials with small caps when words are completely set in capitals. The small caps set is calmer, fitting nicely with the rest of the typeface. This feature and support for Central European languages distinguish the full Dolce package from its simpler version, Dolce Basic, which includes all the alternates and ligatures but supports only the Western character set and has no small caps. In 2005 Dolce received the “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design” award from the Type Directors Club (TDC) of New York.

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Alter Headletter Font
Alter Headletter Font



This is Alter Littera’s second original design. It started as an attempt at translating into roman forms the lowercase metrics of classic blackletters, in particular those of The Oldtype “Alter Gotisch” Font. Eventually, the design process led naturally to an innovative and modern re-creation of the overall forms and style of classic bold condensed letters from the early twentieth century, especially those of the “Century Bold Condensed” type from American Type Founders (ATF) Company’s American Specimen Book of Type Styles, Jersey City, 1912 (pp. 274-7) [also seen in McGrew, M. (1993), American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century, New Castle: Oak Knoll Books (pp. 76-7)]. In addition to the usual standard characters for typesetting in modern Western languages, the font includes a comprehensive set of special characters, alternates, ligatures and ornaments, plus Opentype features, that can be used for creating distinctive and attractive texts with virtually unlimited variations. The glyphs are clean, smooth and definitely readable, so the font will be suitable not only for large titles and headings, but also for full text pages.

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