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CM - Aloha - watercolor bundle 732339
CM - Aloha - watercolor bundle 732339


67 PNG 3 PSD | 960 MB RAR
Patterns have transparent backgrounds so you can put these elements on top of any colored back/textures and easily create your own design!
  • 48x watercolor JPEG files and 48x PNG files in hi-res approx. 5000*5000px
  • 9x watercolor JPEG files and 9x PNG files in hi-res approx. 5000*5000px (PNG files with transparent background)
  • 10x JPEG files in hi-res 5000*5000px with letterings (black letters) and 10x PNG files in hi-res with transparent background - you can use lettering how overlays for your summer photo.
  • 3x PSD files with isolated elements on transparent background with elements, patterns and letterings.


CM - Quinton Watercolor Clip art 739673


19 PNG | 76 MB RAR
This Floral Collection is inspired by the sunset...vibrant pink, orange, fiery yellow and soft peach. The collection consists of high quality hand painted watercolor clipart. Bouquets and separate elements of peonies, daisies, and a variety of leaves are included.
Perfect graphic clipart for DIY projects such as -planner kits -planner covers -cards -wedding invitations -social invitations -personal logos -greeting cards -packaging design -wall art & printables -posters -tote bags -electronic cases -blogs -websites -banners and more.


CM - ProColor preset Lightroom 740900


The finished product for use in photography. Incredibly realistic and brightly colored structure emphasizes maintaining their purity and juiciness.
Great to images where you want to enhance the beauty of the colors. Make this the focus that would attract viewers.
To apply a preset, double-click on it with the mouse and the default Lightroom install it in the user's library.
Before use, make sure to correctly display white balance. To reduce the effect of the filter is necessary to adjust the sliders in the base section. After the application is recommended to adjust the contrast.


CM - Aceo Keynote 742387


ACEO Presentation Template has 100 Unique Slides each file of content. 160 Color Themes option (XML Files). ACEO a clean, scalable, colourful and multipurpose.
Gift Included :
  • 3000+ Icons - Ready to Use in 30 Slides.
  • 160 Theme files (XML files).
  • and PSD files.
Package Includes:
  • 100 Unique slides each file
  • 160 Color Themes options (XML files).
  • Keynote 06 & 09 file format.
  • 16:9 Aspect Rasio (Widescreen HD)
  • 3000+ Icons - Ready to use.
  • Hundreds vector shapes Icon
Features :
  • General information content
  • Infographics
  • Data charts (Editable via Excel)
  • Smart Art
  • Timeline and Social Media
  • Fully Animation and more...
  • Full HD and Retina Ready