Infrared Photography: Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Images
Infrared Photography: Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Images by Laurie Klein, Kyle Klein
English | January 12, 2016 | ISBN: 1608959252 | PDF | 128 pages | 57 MB

With the introduction of digital photography, unprecedented numbers of people are flocking to the art form, trying their hand at creating effective photographs of people, landscapes, still lifes, and other subjects. As the ranks of photographers swell, it becomes more and more difficult to achieve a standout body of work—something that sets your work apart from the barrage of images we are all inundated with on a daily basis. As Laurie and Kyle Klein prove in their new book, infrared capture may be that magic bullet.

Programming Microsoft Office 365 (includes Current Book Service)

Programming Microsoft Office 365: Covers Microsoft Graph, Office 365 Applications, SharePoint Add-Ins, Office 365 Groups, and More (Developer Reference (Paperback)) by Paolo Pialorsi
English | 30 Aug. 2016 | ISBN: 1509300910 | 416 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 119.54 MB

Learn how to develop custom solutions that access and interact with Office 365 data from your own apps on practically any mobile, web, or desktop platform. Paolo Pialorsi offers practical, code-rich coverage of every key aspect of Office 365 development, walking you through building a complete start-to-finish solution. You’ll learn how to use the new Microsoft Graph API to integrate users’ mail, calendars, contacts, groups, files, folders, and more. Leveraging Microsoft APIs at the REST level, you’ll discover how to create Office 365 solutions for Windows


CoffeeScript: Accelerated javascript Development, 2nd Edition
Trevor Burnham, "CoffeeScript: Accelerated javascript Development, 2nd Edition"
English | ISBN: 1941222269 | 2015 | PDF/EPUB/MOBI | 150 pages | 3 MB/2 MB/0.8 MB

Over the last five years, CoffeeScript has taken the web development world by storm. With the humble motto "It's just javascript," CoffeeScript provides all the power of the javascript language in a friendly and elegant package. This extensively revised and updated new edition includes an all-new project to demonstrate CoffeeScript in action, both in the browser and on a Node.js server. There's no faster way to learn to write a modern web application.