The Portrait: Understanding Portrait Photography, 2nd Edition
The Portrait: Understanding Portrait Photography, 2nd Edition by Glenn Rand, Tim Meyer
2014 | ISBN: 1937538575 | English | 200 pages | True EPUB | 27 MB
Glenn Rand, longtime photographic educator, and Tim Meyer, Lead Portrait Instructor at Brooks Institute, have collaborated to create a thorough and balanced textbook on the modern techniques and practice of portrait photography. They have crafted a definitive resource for professionals, students, and avid amateurs wishing to advance their skills in this discipline.

Seizing the Light : A Social & Aesthetic History of Photography, Third Edition

Seizing the Light : A Social & Aesthetic History of Photography, Third Edition
by Robert Hirsch
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1138944254 | 609 Pages | PDF | 113 MB

The definitive history of photography book, Seizing the Light: A Social & Aesthetic History of Photography delivers the fascinating story of how photography as an art form came into being, and its continued development, maturity, and transformation.

"How to Build a Brand" Guide & Manual


"The ultimate guide on how to build your brand and start a company!
I've built a few very successful, profitable, and well known brands in my career and this is my personal guide, tips, advice on how you can do the same!"

One Flash!: Great Photography with Just One Light
One Flash!: Great Photography with Just One Light by Tilo Gockel
English | September 30, 2015 | ISBN: 1937538710 | 232 pages | AZW3 | 8.50 MB
Amazing images are possible with just one flash! Today’s speedlights may be small but they are mighty…that is, if you know how to use them. In this book, flash photography pro Tilo Gockel teaches the secrets to capturing beautifully lit images using just one flash! The first section of the book provides a crash course in flash photography covering lighting techniques, equipment, and understanding the nuances of flash lighting. Then, through a series of 26 workshops covering everything from people to objects to food to special techniques, Tilo demonstrates how it’s done. Included are example images, lighting diagrams, setup instructions, and even post-processing tips. You’ll learn how a single flash can not only illuminate, but also add color and project patterns on a scene, and how easy it is to turn a single flash into multiple light sources using reflectors and mirrors to multiply and redirect the flash. You will also learn how to use the flash detached from the camera's hot shoe and how to repeatedly fire the flash for special effects. Tilo’s practical style and simple explanations of technology will enable you to get started quickly with flash photography and to achieve fantastic results. 


Michael Freeman's the Photographer's Eye by Professor of French Language and Literature Michael Freeman
English | November 11, 2013 | ISBN: 1781579873 | 192 pages | AZW3 | 9.93 MB
The Photographer's Eye was the first systematic guide to photographic composition, and Michael Freeman's practical and authoritative advice quickly won a wide readership that made the book a best-seller worldwide and makes it required reading for all serious photographers. In the companion volume, The Photographer's Eye: A Graphic Guide, he develops his theme using a uniquely visual approach; illustrations and diagrams bring Freeman's expertise to life so you can instantly understand how and why a picture works. Together, they represent the last word on the subject, and presenting both books in hardback in a substantial cloth-bound slipcase, this two-book set will prove an enduring reference to the central photographic art.


GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking
GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking
2015 | 296 Pages | ISBN: 0321934164 | EPUB | 13 MB


WHERE INSPIRATION MEETS TECHNICAL CRAFT, this guide to professional filmmaking with a GoPro is packed with hundreds of beautiful photos and interactive links to videos created by professional athletes, filmmakers, and inspired GoPro users around the world. As the only book to cover the art and technique of advanced filmmaking by the team at GoPro, youll get a unique insiders look at GoPros history, all the different camera modes and settings, standard and experimental mounts, shooting principles, and editing techniques. Compelling stories from users such as Kelly Slater, Shaun White, and Kevin Richardson offer a rare view into an incredible world of athleticism, artistic beauty, and storytelling. Whether youre a professional filmmaker, top athlete or an aspiring enthusiast, youll get all the inspiration and instruction you need to capture and create your own engaging edits to share with the world. This book is an invaluable window into Bradford and Brandons creative thinking and summarizes their years of experience. Hopefully it serves as a spark for you just as the authors have done for GoPro.? From the foreword by Nicholas Woodman, founder of GoPro

Nikon D810 : the expanded guide
Nikon D810 : the expanded guide By Sparks, Jon
2015 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 178145115X | PDF | 23 MB

Nikon’s high-end 36MP D800 and D800E DSLRs have been consolidated with the release of the D810. It is not simply an upgrade: major changes substantially extend its capabilities and make the camera more attractive to buyers considering a move to a full-frame camera.  Some features from the D4s have been incorporated into the D810. Videographers, for example, will be pleased with additions to its video feature set. Other refinements include a redesigned shutter and mirror mechanism to reduce the shock of shutter actuation, which can reduce resolution. There’s also a new S-Raw mode for reduced-resolution raw capture.

Primitive Photography: A Guide to Making Cameras, Lenses, and Calotypes (Alternative Process Photography)

Primitive Photography: A Guide to Making Cameras, Lenses, and Calotypes (Alternative Process Photography) by Alan Greene
English | September 29, 2015 | ISBN: 1138170798 | 240 pages | AZW3 | 11 MB
Primitive Photography considers the hand-made photographic process in its entirety, showing the reader how to make box-cameras, lenses, paper negatives and salt prints, using inexpensive tools and materials found in most hardware and art-supply stores. Step-by-step procedures are presented alongside theoretical explanations and historical background. Streamlined calotype procedures are demonstrated, featuring different paper negative processes and overlooked, developing-out printing methods.

Potrait photography : from snapshots to great shots
Potrait photography : from snapshots to great shots By Valind, Erik
2014 | 264 Pages | ISBN: 0321951611 | PDF (conv) | 27 MB
In Portrait Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots, author and photographer Erik Valind shows you how to get the best shots of your subjects–whether you’re in a studio or outdoors, at a family get-together, or at a formal event. Starting with the fundamentals of portrait photography, including how to select the right camera settings and lenses and how to compose your shots, Erik covers building a rapport with your subject, and offers suggestions for poses that flatter your subject to achieve great shots.


The Flash Book by Scott Kelby
The Flash Book: How to fall hopelessly in love with your flash, and finally start taking the type of images you bought it for in the first place by Scott Kelby
English | December 18, 2017 | ISBN: 1681982749, ASIN: B077GR6MBG | AZW3 | 208 pages | 17 MB
Standing in front of a room packed with 360 photographers at his seminar, Scott Kelby asked for a show of hands: “How many of you own some kind of an off-camera flash? A Nikon, Canon, Yongnuo, etc.?” About 340 hands went up. “Okay, I have one more question, but before you raise your hand, I want you to really think about your answer. Let’s see a show of hands?how many of you love using your off-camera flash?” Out of those 360 people, just four people raised their hands. He was stunned.